MBF12065 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Smile

“Smile” has been one of the strongest tracks Bukaddor & Fishbeck have been playing in their live set for the last 12 months.
A sure shot and magnet on the dance floor as Baggy has told us.
The title track is very different to their previous tracks. The track has a pop influences which gives their dry und fat beat structure a slightly different cross-over feeling.
This unlikely fusion works fantastically especially in a club when odd elements become the helping hand for another 4 hours to come and dance to.
  “Hausnummer” on the flipside in comparison plays with the vocal elements of old school house that one would not expect Bukaddor & Fishbeck to use. Hausnummer is a nice blend of minimal deep acid house all clad in a modern sound aesthetic.  
  The Cologne producer Oeler has transformed “Smile” into a fantastic dubby techno track in his remix.
  This release  takes risks and does not play safe, sure it will polarise the fans who expect another “Polterabend”.

Release date: 19 April 2010

A. Smile

B. Hausnummer

Digital: Smile (Oeler mix)

Available at: