MBF12069 - Intu:itiv - All I See

Intu:itiv is a home-grown duo from Cologne and as the label has always worked with domestic artist as part of its identity we are proud this duo has finally finished these 4 tracks for us.
Karsten Lutz is a trained studio engineer whereas Kai Santanius works as a DJ and gives new musical input to their work from the club scene.
Their opening track: “All I See” is a dynamic new school techno house tool keeping a high impact throughout the track, spiced up with vocals and a lot of cut samples.
“Simple Confusion” starts more heavy and deep but gains drive after the break with tempo reflecting percussion and vocals which make it a wonderful DJ weapon.
“Utopia” makes machine sounds funky and come alive! The track has a unique arrangement with cool breaks and unique sounds and the fatness of the bassline is just one part of the story.
“Blackout” is the most melodic track of the release and works very well with SQL´s music on MBF.
SQL himself has remixes here “Utopia” and gives it a slightly tribal touch with deep vocal like sounding sounds.

Release date: 9 August 2010

1. All I See

2. Simple Confusion

3. Utopia

4. Blackout

5. Utopia (SQL remix)

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