MBF12071 - Piemont - Chair or Throne

Piemont have worked for the last months on the aspect of leaving the trail of minimal by injecting a stronger and more noticeable note of soul, without becoming one of those “adult” house guys who sound as if they skipped teenage nihilism in favour for a perfect sound.

So please listen to “Chair or Throne” with its irresistible vocal snippet-collage, where three different sources of vocals clash with each other in a funky way... creating madness and deepness. This is a a techno house stormer for peak time moments!
Or it is a tune for DJs who love to dance behind the turntables to their own music before the club has opened their doors.
“Ganglion” the a2-track is a bit of a cool and at the same time weird rave techno track.
The track has a special acoustic to it and sounds as if Piemont were incorporating the spacious sound you get when staying in a waiting area at an airport. A multi-dolby-sourround-sound with field recording aesthetics... don't ask us, please listen.

The b-side features Basti Grub's remix of “Chair or Throne“... a relentless groover that works with a cool stop and go rhythmic groove. Sexy and unique sounding, Riley Reinhold aka Triple R has played the remix at Berghain and rocked the crowd.
Ex Doppelschicht duo from Halle, Germany who have reunited as “Tremsch & Metzler” recently, are back with a Dadaistic remix of Piemont´s „Chair of Throne“.   They produced legendary remixes in the past of Butch (Muskatnuss, Earth), Mihalis Safras, SLAHJ aka Steve Lawler and Jimmy Hill, Citizen Kain and Riley Reinhold.
So here they deliver a stripped down groove “made in Halle” of Piemont´s “Chair Of Throne”.

Release date: 20 September 2010

A1. Chair or Throne

A2. Ganglion

B1. Chair or Throne (Basti Grub rmx)

Digital 1. Chair or Throme
(Tremsch & Metzler rmx)