MBF12074 - Piemont - Smoking Cave

Piemont´s newest release on MBF is in tune with their new more house flavoured trax and twists it slightly.
“Smoking Cave” conveys “new jack” feeling with cool vocals meeting each other... clashing nicely and creating a super funky rhythm, incorporated in their own “Piemont groove”.
The track is as multicoloured and multidimensional as it possible can be, genre bending, cool, combining so many elements of different genres... it  explodes on the dance floor.
House DJs as well as minimal DJs will like these house chords and ascending strings, in the best wild pitch manner.
“Animals To Drink” on the flipside is in contrast to the a-side more techno house, more straight in your face, more tool and will work nicely with the DJs who want more stripped down tracks that work merely as tools. Still with all the differences the track can also be classified as a jack track using a true “jack baseline”.
With time going by... the track intensifies more and more getting more complex and soulful including frantic “disco shouts” and cool vocal stabs. Hey is there a party going on in this house?
This track transforms nicely from one stage to the next one and the hypnotic quality shows with the dancers who love to make transitions from one tune to the next.
We do not want to challenge the meaning of the title “Myself Consumed”, but what we can we say it is a hell of a funk track with vocals as deep as the deepest part of the ocean and a groove so fat and cool it qualifies for one of the most funkiest tracks we have heard for months.
This track is rough and touch and sweet at the same time... this track can spread like a virus with the DJs who are tastemakers... this is a killer! For the ones who loved ESG, this is the cool shit.
The first digital bonus comes from UK artists Deepgroove who have released on the famous label Underwater before. Their remix of “Animals To Drink” is a loose and deep grinder of Piemont´s most U.S. sounding track on the EP. Their remix has nice ups and downs, has an unexpected nice dubby break down... providing us with a nice atmosphere and a shaking groove.
And Cologne artist duo Intu:itiv who have released before on MBF have remixes "Animals To Drink" into an hypnotic peak time techno tool!

Release date: 6 December 2010

A. Smoking Cave

B1. Animals To Drink

B2. Myself Consumed

Digital 1. Animals To Drink
(Deepgroove Remix)

Digital 2. Animals To Drink
(Intui:tiv Remix)

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