MBF 12075 - KAISERDISCO - In No One´s Shadow Remixes
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It has taken us some time to have a whole remix record of Kaiserdisco's album “In No One's Shadow“ finally done... so now we can really say we have a good variation of perspectives.
Starting with the 2000 And One and DJ Madskillz remix of “Amalfino”. We sure do not have to introduce these two artists to you... we have been following Dylan's music for 10 years now since his early Djax Up days and so it makes us happy that he has found his way to us again after his remix for Dominik Eulberg's “Grünschenkel“ remix 2007 on Traum.
DJ Madskillz is right next to 2000 And One a force in The Netherlands and worldwide, so teaming up makes their productions an even a stronger project. What can you expect from the two other than reducing the original of “Amalfino“ to the essentials and still get a bit of deepness going... fat, dry and to the point their remix need no stunts to rock every floor.
Yousef, who has released on Cocoon recently, has done a laid back melodic version of  “In No One's Shadow“ keeping it really steady going but mellow and deep. We can see this remix doing very well with a relaxed crowd like the one at the Panoramabar.
  French legend Sébastian Léger's remix of “Simplistix“ is a tough an technoid kind of  “techno-house-hybrid“ which resembles Sebastian's new style he is very successful with.
  Slovenian artists F. Sonik's remix of “Aguja“ focuses on a tripped out minimal style, which would work very well in a set with Bukaddor & Fishbeck's releases on MBF.
As a digital bonus we have Bart Skills deliver a solid groove with his “In No One´s Shadow“ remix.
Different DJs will find their track on this release. We hope you enjoy this octopus of a release as much as we do!

Release date: 24 January 2011

A1. Amalfino
(2000 And One, DJ Madskillz Remix)

A2. In No One's Shadow
(Yousef "Circus" Remix)

B1. Simplistix (Sébastien Léger Remix)

B2. Aguja (F. Sonik Remix)

Digital - In No One's Shadow
(Bart Skills Remix)

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