MBF 12076 - Intu:itiv - Tequila Suicide EP

Emerging from Cologne, we are proud to release the second piece of music by the talented Intui:tiv aka Karsten Lutz and Kai Santanius.
After the their well received debut “All I See” (MBF 12069) with good reviews as in De:Bug magazine and full support by DJs such as: 2000 And One, Sian and DJ Hell the duo has since then been busy in the studio, writing new tracks and from what they say... things are progressing at enormous speed.
As a result they have created their own label “Inkpot” which will have its first release 19th of January 11 and we will for sure support them. For us the duo has come up with 3 floor thrilling musketeers!
Intui:tiv are big time fun and they are going for the dance floor making no prisoners with these tracks. Starting with the title track: “Tequila Suicide”, this track is a “tour de force”!
Working with a devilishly hooky bassline, a sequencer melody that turns things upside down this track is pure madness. And... ”ooops” before you realise you are shoving your feet like mad.
This might as well be one of the strongest track the duo has written so far and the production is awesome!
“Zero Hour” opens with monumental pounding “naked” beats and progresses with giant strides into the peak time monster!
Introducing tricky small samples digits alongside big synths and vocal stabs, broken horn sounds etc... the feel how intense Karsten Lutz and Kai Santanius have been working in the studio.
“Full Metal Package”, as the title suggests, is nothing for the week.
Starting with spine tingling “kaput-sounds” almost at a Dadaistic rate.... the Intui:tiv powerhouse does not wait for long to jump into gear. Coming up with ethno sounds and hi frequency drumming this track has the feel for relentless “acceleration”! This track is 100%” adrenaline rush.
On top we have three deeper remixes. One coming by UK artist Gow who has released on Trapez before, one by Arjuna Schicks from the Netherlands who has recently remixed Applescal´s “In The Mirror“and the other by the US artists Crowdkillers.
Gow created a slacker of a remix out of the original samples from “Zero Hour”. His speciality is as always: his cool walking basslines and his coolness with which he put things in motions.
Arjuna Schicks has also chosen to remix “Zero Hour” but keeps it in a moody and relaxed do!
Who could write a better remix about Tequila than the new talent Crowkillers from La Mesa USA California. This remix is as fruity and soulful as we expect it from the sun drenched duo. The remix combines a blast from the past with new recording techniques making it accessible for the clubbers of today. The remix is very uplifting and full of joy! Massive.

Release date: 21 February 2011

1. Tequila Suicide

2. Zero Hour

3. Full Metal Package

4. Zero Hour (Gow rmx)

5. Zero Hour
(Arjuna Schicks rmx)

6. Tequila Sunrise
(Crowdkillers rmx)

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