MBF 12077 - Broombeck - WTFAI

A big blast coming here from multi talent Broombeck.
Broombeck is known for some fine releases in the past on Opossum Rec. and Terminal M, creating a big stir with his track “The Clapper” in 2009.
  His track “WTFAI“ is a mega rocker coming with a monstrous vocal and a seductive speedy drum programming getting it to the die hard fans in a big way.
Broombeck's trademark is dance floor energy exercised in perfection, this is a frenetic club smasher from the future with a big nod to the past. Bassdriven techno on the highest level and frankly if you don't move your feet to this tune, you better retreat back home.
  The first remix was done by M.in who teamed up with the Frankfurt artists Jonas fort his.
The remix works great with a long intro and adding percussion step by step creating a rush in the second half that makes it a worthy companion.
The Wehbba remix is a monumentally strong track that works through a grand recording quality, super production, seductive groove and an over all perfect arrangement.
It is a true DJ weapon!
And last but not least digitally there is a non-vocal mix added by Broombeck.

Release date: 21 March 2011

A. WTFAI (Original mix)

B. WTFAI (M.in & Jonas Remix)

Digital 1. WTFAI (Wehbba Remix)

Digital 2. WTFAI (Non-vocal Mix)

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