MBF 12078 - KAISERDISCO - City Of Kings EP

After their huge success in 2009 and 2010 one can truly say Kaiserdisco are now one of the contemporary stars in the techno universe.
Rather than trying to match expectations the duo from Hamburg followed their instincts and have again chucked out music that will place them in top positions.
They dedicated this record to the people in Lima, Peru.
Their new tune “Lurin” is a bomb of a groove track with a stunning diversity of different samples and sounds including hip ethno samples and all it takes to make it a hi-tech Kaiserdisco product come alive.
This track is a true party track and will work on different floors, small and big and it will definitely bring a smile to peoples faces because it is done with love for electronic dance music.
Not genre specific but rather genre bending “Lurin” manages to connect different people.
For all of you who want a stronger specific underground spirit ruling their world, check out the b-side “Callao”, a true Kaiserdisco up-tempo rocker, a stripped down DJ weapon that can be played with all minimal and techno, whatever you like. Talking about tense breakdowns, analogue hooks, a skilful shifting of the dynamic from one gear to the next... amazing sound design, name it you get it... Kaiserdisco do not make prisoners with this track.
The remix, this time comes to some surprise from Max Cooper who has never remixed an MBF artist before. He remixed “Holding Up My Life” found on the Kaiserdisco´s album on MBF.
We thought this unequal match up could provide some unexpected result. Yes and we can say Max has transferred a bit of a Kaiser drive into his world of melodic techno.
This remix works exceptional good through the friction it generates. Somewhere between a kind of felt “slow motion modulation” and high speed beats... the world of Max Cooper unfolds into a ghost like kindred spirit.

Release date: 18th April 2011

A. Lurin

B. Callao

Digital. Holding Up My Life
(Max Cooper remix)

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