MBF12079 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Camino

After taking a break for more than 6 months Bukaddor & Fishbeack return with 2 quality tracks.
"Camino" unites tight and loose aspects in an exciting modern way of club music. The track works on more than one level and incorporates silly little ghosts of sounds and massive basslines and last but not least: a lot of profound sound shaping.

"Physx“ on the b-side is much more warped, moves in way of a snake, does is surreal dreamlike and still makes these brave cuts that throw you back into life. At times this track seems to be quite dadaistic and maybe this accounts for the most experimentell track they have ever released... but it would not Bukaddor & Fishbeack if this track did not have a atchy clubby side to it.

After Broombeck’s debut on MBF he launches another dance floor assault on MBF with his remix of Bukaddor & Fishbeck’s track "Camino". Broombeck strips down the track to a massive beat and works heavily with filters to give the vocal snippets a robotic feel. A DJ weapon, we think!

The remix comes from new Cologne producer Sebastian Porter. He takes up the original of "Camino" but interpretates it in a much more streamlike but hypnotic fashion, using rising stringed sounds and adding a lot of small details which make the remix so passionate and lively.

Release date: 16 May 2011

A. Camino

B. Physx

Digital 1. Camino
(Sebastian Porter remix)

Digital 2. Camino
(Broombeck remix)

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