MBF12080 - Tube & Berger vs. Frank Sonic - The Swarm

From the far away sound to the one that explodes in your face, from Chicago to Berlin, from delay to mute, Tube & Berger vs. Fank Sonic create here a timeless dance tune!

We are speaking about “The Swarm”. Put Steve Bug in a room with DJ Pierre and this is what you might get. This track speaks the language of an incarnation of dance culture.

There is nothing fancied about “The Swarm”, there is no silliness and no stunt performed... and you know it can be good the other way around... but this is better!

The Minicoolboyz have remixed “The Swarm” which could be a very cool remix for after hours... relying on a steady  sound of a mosquito swarm... this sound might drive you crazy... the short vocals reminds us of such a funky classic as “Doing The Do”.

“Autan” on the flipside is not exactly the antithesis of “The Swarm”, more than that it connects to “The Swarm” in style and warmth and keeps the beat sexy and attractive till the very end.
This could be the track you start to play when you have played the other tracks often and realise... this one might be even better.

Small stunts... reductive rhythm... controlled cool drive... a winner.

Release date: 20th June 2011

A. The Swarm

B1. The Swarm
(Minicoolboyz remix)

B2. Autan

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