MBF12081 - D-Nox - New Life

We would like to welcome the well known German DJ D-Nox to MBF.
Starting with “New Life”, this is one of these tracks which you always want to have in your set.
Timeless, classic rocking and still manoeuvring the boat through some exciting delicate whirlpools of sounds. For all of you who like the good Poker Flat times coming to the surface, this is a great DJ tool.
“Many Faces” goes in the opposite direction, builds up a deep atmosphere out of which everything else develops later on. This is a great sensual deep groover, which peels off layer by layer never revealing too much at the same time. D-Nox shows his skill here of finding a nice balance between musicality and function that will work great on the floor.
In addition to the two trax comes a remix of “New Life” by legendary Argentinean DJ Luis Nieva who adds a slight feeling of craziness fused by nice peaks that will rock the floors. A timeless Remix!

Release date: 25th July 2011

1. New Life

2. Many Faces

3. New Life
(Luis Nieva remix)

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