MBF12082 - Supaglass - Logenplatz

For the Summer we have choose these two special tracks from our new secret duo Supaglass.
This new project of forward thinking music is all about finding a cool balance for music that is not forcing it... but instead once it gets growing on you it gets going.
"Zinobe" is one of these charmers you get very seldom. A track that has an intro of 3 minutes before it shows its real face... a super summer anthem mesmerizing... pulling you into a higher state of consciousness with cool Chicago references that carry a classic note.
"Logenplatz" is a bit more kinky... more playful and more aroused, a happy track, uplifting that unfolds in the middle part when a chord melody cuts the track in half and creates a nice "collective" feel.
This track gives room for joy and wild dancing!  

Release date: 15th August 2011

1. Zinobe

2. Logenplatz

3. Logenplatz
(Sebastian Porter remix)

4. Umit Han remix

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