MBF 12083 - KAISERDISCO - Zouk

There are few artists making great music full stop and keeping it tight and delivering quality each time they release music.
Kaiserdisco are definitely „Made in Germany“ and a duo that therefore has the respect of the whole dance scene.
Kaiserdisco manage to pull off that contradictory trick, producing modern cutting edge tracks with a nevertheless timeless and classic feel.
“Kuala” the a-side track is an ethno natured track with lively bassline and uplifting small melody stabs, smithereens of vocals and a superb drive.
Beneath all of this you find the Kaiserdisco FX department works with every possible production skill to keep the seemingly never ending loop active and rocking.
“Kuala” is a firework of a rhythm monster!
  For the more traditional Kaiserdisco fan, you’ll find on the flipside with “Singa” another powerful tool of a track. Kaiserdisco keep a beat tight and introduce a lot of rising cool sounds building up lots of vertical “hands up in the air” energy!

Release date: 26 September 2011

A. Kuala

B. Singa

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