MBF12084 - BNZO - Left Side Drive

The American producer gave his solo debut on Trapez ltd in January 2011 and recently remixed Butch’s  track “Reshef” for the Trapez ltd 100 anniversary edition.
We always thought his style was closer to MBF, since his style is more elegant and made for peak time play, so we have asked him to give it a try.
“Shadow Tricks” is his newest track, coming strong with a cool swing programming, all bouncy putting a smile on every bodies face but wait till the bassline cuts through... the party is on it’s way for sure.
“Left Side Drive” reduces musicality to a formula that is sensual and seductive. This track is extremely accessible made for the dance floor and the classic hookline through a piano chord ads just to the fact that this is a track that will never go out of style.
This can turn out to be a monster for the right DJ at any time!
The remix comes from the Cologne duo Intu:itiv, drawing from different genres of music, as introducing gitar sounds and other trickeries the duo is famous for.

Release date: 17th October 2011

1. Shadowtricks

2. Left Side Drive

3. Left Side Drive
(Intu:itiv remix)

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