MBF12085 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Bitroom

Bukaddor & Fishbeck return after a break for some months, after moving into a new studio which allows the guys to work together in a way they never could before.
So be prepared because again they twist things a bit more with their hot new track “Bitroom” !
And this does mean a lot for the sound shapers out of Cologne –Düsseldorf which do not leave the studio before everything is close to perfection. The surface of “Bitroom” now is feeling wise “deep”, the style more housy... with chords all lush, but the track seems to steer towards a target in a stern and and passionate way... that is not house at all... you don't know where this will lead you to and this makes it an exciting piece of music.
This is the substance all good techno and house trax are made of... a musical substance that is guided by magic hands in a sophisticated way.
Bukaddor & Fishbeck control the surface with hi-tech deconstruction of sounds and rhythmic cut ups... combining contradicting elements, working with the obvious but slowly pulling the carpet away from underneath... making things different then they seem to be at first and as they say... it took them a long time to finish this track. This is a true masterpiece.
“Gears“ is very different, picking up some aesthetics from their brilliant last EP on MBF... which has made so many dancers go crazy on the dance floor, this one is doing it in a similar way... it clads you in a warm sound and carries you to a different place, but never leaves you alone. That is important, it rather takes you by the hand.
“Gears” shows that Bukaddor & Fishbeck are very much a result of the vivid German club scene... they take in the thinking and the way people feel when they dance and create a parallel universe.
Piemont have contributed a housie remix that is fuelled with a roaring bassline, mild moody chords and percussive elements, evoking a nice vintage house feeling, euphoric and relaxed at the same time as with so many early and great house tracks of the 90ies.
Sebastian Porter is a new artist on the label but has already remixed several tracks and artist, he is a groove machine and his remix is super hypnotic and sexy and rather sublime.
We think that Piemont and Sebastian Porter’s remixes round up the package in a great way.

Release date: 21st November 2011

1. Bitroom

2. Gears

3. Gears
(Piemont remix)

4. Gears
(Sebastian Porter remix)

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