MBF12090 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Zippy Disco

Bukaddor & Fishbeck return with a brand new vinyl 12" on MBF. This release manifests again a side of theirs one has not seen before.

Truthfully speaking this release has more understatement then you would expect from Bukaddor & Fishbeck. Following their pearl "Camino" their new a-side "Zippy Disco" is based on a deep house groove with chords that will never surface and through that work in the best fashion of Detroit and Chicago techno and house.

We have had some Déjà-vu’s listening to this track, so see for yourself if you hear some Johnny Fiasco or Daniel Bell creating this coolness and sexiness. And let us tell you, this track is a "smasher"!

It is one of these tracks that you would not mind listening to the whole day, it never becomes too obvious always keeps the cool side. We see a track materialize here that fits well to the classy house stuff of modern house labels... we guess this release will end up in other DJ bags than the usual ones!

"Klipsnot" was done in comparison to "Zippy Disco" in a much more streamline way and it has a strong "real-time" feeling and understatement to it. A track that makes you hear clubbers screaming in the back, like you would imagine to hear ghosts in an empty house.

This is a electronic tapeworm… if you stick to it it is grand, but if you search for big peaks or sounds, be a advised, they are none in there. On the other side the track is full of detail, all seems random and surreal... and gives references to the club sound of today which Bukaddor & Fishbeck experience playing live.

Release date: 21st May 2012

A. Zippy Disco

B. Klipsnot

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