MBF12091 - Hanne & Lore - Samba Oleg

Heroes in their own domain for some time now, the Hanne & Lore guys are tearing up dance floors in Germany week by week, and here on their debut on MBF they show their crazy sound constructions that accomplish a sheer unbelievable cross over quality.

"Samba Olek" jumps form Techno to House to Reggea always keeping the cool beat that rocks steady till the end.

"Ritmo Forte" makes spirals out of sounds, spinning, spinning, spinning till everyone is unconscious... these beats drive you mad... this is over the top in a good way.

Tube & Berger have remixed the a side of the release and have converted it into a truly heavenly bass mighty mega groover!

Even more… it has gained that specific open air summer quality which touches you tenderly but shows that mighty force underneath all of it. A real summer anthem, ready to be played out in Ibiza and at all backyards that feature fresh air!

Try these tracks and you will find the formula is a magic one.

Release date: 25th June 2012

A. Samba Oleg

B. Ritmo Forte

Digital: Samba Oleg
(Tube & Berger remix)

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