MBF12092 - Crowdkillers - El Guapo EP

Crowdkillers based in San Diego released with us more than half a year ago on Trapez ltd but their sound has always been more MBF so we get them on the right label here.
The EP starts with "Grooveberry" and a machinery of small sound digits is set into gear, a strong groove with Latin influence that carries all of that, spiced up with vocal samples and jazzy piano chords making this a track suck up the feeling of a whole club night. Spaced out at times, always funky... this track is a winner on the dance floor.
"El Guapo" is bass heavy track that is filled with a lot of funky drumming, percussive themes and a melody fading in providing it a bit with a mixture of melancholy and joy. It also dives head over into sonic noise breaks that will twist your ear, show a nice contrast to the mellow side of the track.
"Straight No Chaser" is a kind of track our friend BNZO could have written, all very neatly arranged and full of dynamic, maybe bit more crazy in terms of vocal stabs.
Heartik has remixed "Grooveberry" with a lot of of bongo power and nice feedbacks... taking it into the Kaiserdisco direction with a lot of finesse, rocking hard, leaving no eye dry!
Anthony Attalla & Tone Depth take "El Guapo" in the direction of the darker side techno, all shadows and things start melting as if there was an invisible heat wave invading this ghost village. The remix has melodramatic passages that go deep and then ascend again creating a nice up and down feeling. Fantastic remix!
Jaceo’s remix of "Grooveberry" starts like a star fighter test flight and then dives into the funky elements also the original highlighted but provides them with a very different but nice groove and feeling.

Release date: 30th July 2012

1. Grooveberry

2. El Guapo

3. Straight No Chaser

4. Grooveberry
(Heartik remix)

5. El Guapo
(Anthony Attalla & Tone Depth remix)

6. Grooveberry
(Jaceo remix)

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