MBF12094 - Demir & Seymen - Be Elastic

Demir & Seymen are no strangers to the Berlin scene.
Since the founding of their net label Pentagonik in 2002 the duo has been a part of the Berlin Techno scene playing monthly parties at the Watergate and Arena club. They have just recently remixed Berlin’s duo Aka Aka as well as having released a track with Highgrade.
The duo remains exotic they draw influences from Metal, Hip Hop and RnB and don’t restrict themselves to techno. Another reason to sign them on MBF.
  Their opening track "Elastic Techno Dance" is a full-on booty shaking piece of techno, loaded with driving energy, a rich range of sounds (including vocal manipulation), intelligent progressions, and a constant evolution in themes, which puts it close to music by Format B, Super Flu, And Him etc etc.
This track is by all means a powerful DJ weapon on MBF for dancers with an unearthly appetite.
  "Elastic Robo Dance" on the other side is a true techno-worm rocker!
It gives full credit to its title… with sounds super "elastic" and robotic ear catching leads… this could be a nice soundtrack for a game of "Packman" . Hysteric, stubborn, playful with a yet with devilishly hooky bass line... it makes it a full techno meal. There are certain songs that are so very good, the only singular word that accurately describes them is “satisfying", so we go along with that.
The third track is a remix of "Elastic Robo Dance" by no one less then Berlin’s Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner! As you know this is a project by Sascha Braemer and Lars Heinrichs.
Sascha released his first EP "Spreemelodie" on our label Traum a long time ago… then released on Supdub, Get Physical and Dirty Bird... and together Sascha and Lars have released on Supdub, Highgrade and countless other labels.
Their remix for MBF combines understatement with a carefully arranged minimal structure taking in pop influences. Whispered house grooves and dubby basslines, and a certain ability to cruise  with their sounds, makes this remix a genuine Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner one.

1. Elastic Techno Dance

2. Elastic Robo Dance

3. Elastic Techno Dance
(Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner rmx)

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