MBF12095 - Crowdkillers - Secret Pleasures EP

Our third release on MBF with the duo Crowdkillers from San Diego is again a lively affair and a multicultural crossover.
The release reflects the growing diversity of dance floors reaching out towards American West Coast flavoured house, including European powerhouse influences as well as an approach of modern techno. It is no secret that the German music scene has influenced big parts of the international music scene and so we also witness here that certain influences are filtered down to a style the Crowdkillers are beginning to make popular.
  The opening track "Columbian Drip", is a mighty groover, with occasional sounds dropping in... like moody organ sounds, as well as including smart breaks and certainly huge baselines. All this creates a deep but powerful production. Traversing all sorts of terrain, the Crowdkillers never loose the plot. All is held together by the duo’s keen grasp to create a nice continuous flow. Leading us from one plateaux to the next one with ease, this track shows their skill to produce music which moves seemingly without effort.
A true trademark of the Crowdkillers which distinguishes them from so many others that try so hard adding tons and tons of elements.
  "Lapdances" is a bit of a favourite here at the MBF office, we love the room filling bassline and the kinky vocals creating a big bubble within you can hide and inspires you to dance till your ankles bleed. Great feeling, good break downs, nice live drumming, short delays, make the loose ends  join in a cool way.
"Showers Afterhours" begins with a bit of an understatement but when the bassline kicks in the engine starts up and digs its way into your biorhythm. Tough beat in connection with an up tempo feel... good break downs with some daring instrumental sounds... a good funky track for MBF lovers for sure.
"Sexy Jesus Pose" kicks off with a loose conga rhythm and a noisy industrial sound and short staccato house bassline making it altogether a weird track for the DJ who seeks the more unorthodox in music.
"Stirred Not Shaken" installs right from the beginning a paranoid rhythm leading to a monotone style of techno funk, more advanced and challenging by nature. When the track comes to a drastic halt diving into a break of silence we give credit to the Crowdkillers courage to do so since the track gains a nice momentum there before it jumps back into action.
  The closing track "Miss Jones" is a soulful take of theirs... a track brooding moody and sexy. Out of the 6 tracks here this one shows a nice mash up of acoustic sounds, vocals and a might rotating bassline that makes this track a strong mover. This is a beautifully lush, warm and sensuous  piece of driving house music which deserved to be heard.

Relase date: 29th October 2012

1. Columbian Drip

2. Lapdance On Me

3. Showers Afterhours

4. Sexy Jesus Pose

5. Stirred Not Shaken

6. Miss Jones

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