MBF12096 - Lorraine - Likenobody

After the debut and birth of the project Lorraine on MBF and the praise a lot of international producers and DJs, Kaiserdisco charting them, we have contacted them for a follow up.

  The title track "Likenobody" is another mesmerizing offering form the duo. The track kicks off with bongo swirl and floats into a bubble of crackling sounds and vocal loops, plunges into a break and unleashing all of its power dashing into a world of voodoo and soulful vocals that will stick to your skin long time after the party stopped.

"Likenobody" is in every way a true crowd pleaser pulling all tricks of modern techno house to keep people smiling and dancing like mad.

"Sonofrabassa" a heavy track with a devilishly hooky bassline and percussions beyond belief. This track makes the adrenaline double in quantity. Quite literary this is powerhouse in the truest & finest quality, irresistible and jacking.

Danny Serrano has remixed "Likenobody". He has pulled up the vocal part and has created a nice groove with nice layering of percussions on different.

Kolombo wrote a remix of "Sonofrabassa" which much more on the MBF LTD side of things with disco claps and lively bassline you will appreciate if you like the slackness of house music with a edge of mutant disco. This remix is great fun. When the arpeggiator does the "Anita Warp" trick  and when Kolombo does his overdubbing with gritty synth sounds it makes it even more of a party crasher.

The second release of the Cologne duo is a perfectly blend of different styles of sounds and elements perfectly executed with a breathtaking production.

1. Likenobody

2. Sonofrabassa

3. Likenobody
(Danny Serrano Remix)

4. Sonofrabassa
(Kolombo Remix)

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