MBF12097 - Demir & Seymen - Teeter Totter EP

After their phenomenal debut "Be Elastic" on label MBF we asked Demir and Seyman to do a follow up and they did not let us wait and wrote three strong "tracksters" we associate strongly with mind warped music from Berlin.
Demir and Seyman, the Berlin approved duo rocking "KaterHolzig" and virtually every club in town have written with "Teeter Totter" another grand tune for MBF!
  "Teeter Totter" easily covers a wide spectrum of innovative house and precision techno and generates so much joy and heartily feeling that you can virtually live off it! Call it Polka Techno call it what you want, the long stretched trumpet sounds melts you down in a big way and conveys indisputable a top piece of "Berlin modernism"!
The second track "Mental Acid" is another mega whipped up and pumping track of theirs exhibiting unconventional use of rich Roland 303 interludes, a computerized voice and melodramatic post Detroit strings to create a amazing crossover track that keeps you on the edge of your seat or has you throwing your hands into the air in a ottoman trance. Does this sound good enough?
The third track "Accessory" is a journey into the world of elastic hi-energy sounds, mad as mad can be and last but not least it is an amazing unparalleled  artistic performance by the Berlin duo Demir & Seyman.
Lorraine who recently joined the MBF rooster have converted the blend of Chicago and Detroit elements in the original version of "Mental Acid" into a steady rocking rhythm traxxster.  Fierce polyrhythmic drumming and explosive basslines make it a DJ weapon.
A bit of a deep funky monster is the outcome of what Ordinary Subject have done to "Mental Acid". The remix keeps a nice pace and stirs along with a gentleness and grandness. Dense with polyrhythmic grooves and stripped down on the melodic side... it carries a lot of soul and kinetic catchiness. We sure will hear more of them on MBF.

1. Teeter Totter

2. Mental Acid

3. Accessory

4. Mental Acid
(Lorraine Remix)

5. Mental Acid
(Ordinary Subject Remix)

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