MBF12098 - Federmann & Tomaschek - Hoppa EP

Federmann & Tomaschek are a new signing on MBF.
After releasing with Hanne & Lore, Kaiserdisco, Lorraine, Demir & Seymen and the Crowkillers the label has found a new competitor for the genre the label has successfully explored. Federmann & Tomaschek use the recipes and ingredients that give joy to the dance floors.
"Looking Forward" is a crowd pleaser par excellence. Starting with a few elements the track works in way of a strong "build-up" adding elements in the course of the track, when towards the end, washing away the tension, symphonic piano chords kick in and inject a "vitamin hymn" like kick to the dance floor. This track is great fun and installs a collective feel towards the end one cannot resist.
The second track "Hoppa" has that drum roll and acoustic percussive quality and all that musical multitasking and playfulness craziness which tears up so many dance floors today. A devilishly hooky bass line and not to forget the catchy accordion melody plus an extremely well production make it a perfect track for playing out, when you want to put a smile on peoples faces.
  The third track "Schneehase" is perfect for this time of the year. A cheerful and emotional affair… so colourful you would not be able to describe all shades of colours on one piece of paper. So we leave it up to you to do all of that.
Just to round it up "Schneehase" has much more of an musical approach than the typical dance floor track... it is extremely well exercised and has a baffling arrangement you might describe as an "hi-energy - Italohouse pop song Christmas present".
Please decide for yourself and expect a lot more surprises from these men this year.

Release date: 4th February 2013

1. Looking Forward

2. Hoppa

3. Schneehase

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