MBF12099 - Lorraine - In The Red

Lorraine’s new release is a full 4-track EP which shows a even broader musical range this time.
Starting with "I Think About It!", this track feels like an never ending party… a constant flow of skittering beats and vocals add to this "tour de force" of a gatecrasher.
"Is It Real?" is another modern tech house track that has it all served on one plate. It is a cool polyrhythmic groover as well as highlighting miniature melodies all engulfing into a an epic break down that collects enough dust to let the needle slide back into the groove.
"Kernel Of Truth" is the deepest track on the release and how unique it is.
Starting with a vocal loop it instantly installs a hypnotic feeling which sticks to your brain long after you have been listening to the track.
This track is a funky grinder and a merry as well as melancholic track it is one of these tracks that works on many levels and is very good with it!
"In The Red" starts with sounds which are quite jolly and silly and keeps that kind of wobbly rhythm till the very end. This track is crass and only for the die hard fans of Cosmic Sandwich flavoured music!
Release date: 4th March 2013

1. Think About It!

2. Is It Real?

3. Kernel Of Truth

4. In The Red

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