MBF12100 - Demir & Seymen - 100 Friends mixed by Demir & Seymen

Celebrating the catalogue number 100 on MBF, we give you for the first time a selection of some of the best MBF releases of the last 8 years plus 2 exclusive extra tracks not included in the mix.

This compilation includes real rockers such as Dirt Crew’s "Rock Da House",  Piemont’s "Black Smoker", Cosmic Sandwich’s „Man In A Box“, Broombeck’s „WTFAI (Wehbba Remix)“, Noze’s „Kitchen (Skat Remix)“, Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein’s „Al Quadus“ track as well as stunning performance by Bukaddor & Fishbeck with "Polterabend",  Florian Meindl with his track "La Nuit" and Kaiserdisco’s tracks "Aguja" and "Simplistix (Sébastien Léger Remix“).

MBF features also the second generation of artists like Crowdkillers, Hanne & Lore, Tube & Berger, Filthy Rich & Chase Buch, D-Nox as well as the label’s actual artists: Lorraine, Demir & Seymen, Ordinary Subject and Federmann & Tomaschek making the transition into the year 2013.

The mix was done by on of our newest artist who are by far no newcomers to the scene: Demir & Seymen, who are a very active force in Berlins techno scene playing Kater Holzig, Watergate, Arena etc etc. Enjoy their mix!

Release date: 1st April 2013

100 Friends mixed by Demir & Seymen
(First 30 mins of 2 hour mix)

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