MBF12101 - Crowdkillers - Young Cats In The Game

Crowdkillers have emerged and created a deeper style of MBF with this release.

"Roller" is a cool super slick groove based track with wild pitch string in the background and nice acoustic percussion  leading you to another world full of promises. Yes, Roller is quite a nightcrawler but keeps an uplifting quality, at least this is what we think. This could be a beast played out at the right time, between 6.00-7.00 in the morning marking the hour of sun rise.

"Young Cats In The Game" is  a cool swaying groover, relaxed and airy. It connects to the new school of contemporary  house music.

The third track from the San Diego duo Crowdkillers is called  "One Thirty Train" and if we take into consideration that trains in the US are still an idiosyncrasy noted for luxury and rides that can easily take up to  24 hours... we can feel here the track name materialize by an continuous journey-like smoothness.

The remix of "Young Cats In The Game" by Intu:itiv picks up the high emotional vibe similar to their solo release on MBF LTD but includes some vintage novelties making it a nice deep club track.  

  Release date: April 2013

1. Young Cats In The Game

2. Roller

3. One Thirty Train

4. Young Cats In The Game
(Intu:itiv Remix)

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