MBF12102 - Demir & Seymen - Spooky Swap EP

Demir & Seymen return with their new EP "Spooky Swap".
Kicking off with "Whatever You Say", this track carries that kind of dance decadence Demir & Seymen have so skillfully exercised in the past on MBF.
The track is a pastiche of impressions. A fractured journey of beats and emotional disintegration, all recorded and put together in that elegant  postmodern Berlin style that has been pushed so successfully by Bar-25 and Kater Holzig.  "Whatever You Say", is a sexy tapeworm, that keeps rolling, triggered by its sensual bassline. A track that has no beginning and no end, but you could call a friend.
Hanne & Lore have remixed "Whatever You Say" and whoever follows what they do, you never know what they come up with, but you can expect it’s going to be dead cool.
The guys are magic in the way they bring together different elements, genres and create  monster tunes. Here Hanne & Lore have come up here with a dub version working with wonderful tape delays shaping a nice loose and deep traxter that puts a smile on your face. Giving us a really good time is what music is all about… and they certainly know who to do that.
"Whatcha Want" is a lot more down to earth, contains no agonizing details, but likes to play things down. In a way it is a deeper version of what Demir & Seymen have been releasing in the past on MBF, paying attention to the deeper side of club life in Berlin as it happens to take place now.
Hermanez, who has recorded for Trapez ltd in the past taking up here that deeper, jumpy and funky approach to install a nice post Detroit feeling with his remix of "Spooky Swap". Haunting and darkish in its mood, a real Hermanez.
"Spooky Swap" is a symphony of twisted basslines, and a journey through nightmarish sound spheres. A portrait of mental fragmentations filled with minute horrors, and in fact an ugly little tale bereft of redemption. Welcome to the "Unterwelt".   

  Release date: 3rd June 2013

1. Whatever You Say

2. Whatever You Say
(Hanne & Lore Remix)

3. Whatcha Want

4. Spooky Swap
(Hermanez Remix)

5. Spooky Swap

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