MBF12103 - Moritz Ochsenbauer & Jakob Reiter - Nice Fish

We pay tribute here to two of the hardest working new producers in Cologne that appear here for the first time as a duo. We have released Moritz Ochsenbauer on Trapez Ltd as a solo artists half a year ago and he is for sure one half of Lorraine…and we have worked with Jacob Reiter once before under a different name .

So now both appear here on MBF with this light hearted summer release.
Experience "Nice Fish" which features Nelly Ellinor on vocals and which develops into a playful deep affair , with serious played synths and riffs and stabs. We think this is a real crowd pleaser for open airs this year.

"Black Coral" is a dangerous love affair between soul samples and clown vocals on the rampage. This track has been in Jabob Reiter's pokets for weeks and now sees light in the finished version he has recorded together with Moritz. "Black Coral" is a tapeworm of a track including skilled nice breaks that pull apart the time-space continuum for a nice gap of relaxation before the soul robots again go on duty. Nice.  

  Release date: June 2013

1. Nice Fish feat. Nelly Ellinor

2. Black Coral

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