MBF 12105 - Carl Bee - Randomist EP

Carl Bee is a top DJ in Malta. He is known for picking up unknown trax and skillfully working them into a great DJ set.
Carl had his music signed by well known labels such as Carlo Lio’s Rawthentic Music & Steve Parker’s Spark Muzik and has been supported by artist like Claude Von Stroke, Butch, Dubfire, Carlo Lio, Steve Parker and Adam Beyer.
His release for MBF is a bouncy and soulful affair, working skillfully with polyrhythmic patterns, creating sensual and deep techno house that is very appealing. His way of working with vocals is extremely sophisticated, his beats flows like soft ice cream.

The second track "It’s Hard" has a similar relaxed and sweet groove but alternates between vocal collages and strange pitched up sounds creating a claustrophobic and weird atmosphere with a touch of early Chicago House. This track is for the headstrong and the DJs who seek for the special track.

"Maze" is the last track on the EP an connect to "It’s Hard" keeping that rough Chicago dance mania feeling and exploring it. "Maze" is a hell of a groover and creates a great atmosphere on the dance floor. This could appeal not only to MBF fans but also to our Trapez ltd fans.

  Release date: 2nd September 2013

1. Randomist

2. It's Hard

3. Maze

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