MBF 12106 - German Brigante - Crako

German Brigante released his last EP with us on Trapez ltd and we would have imagined this one to be on Trapez ltd again since it is true Trapez ltd sound, but now here we go… it works equally well on MBF with its catchy affair throwing in a deep house vocal making the opening track "Crako" a hell of a Ghetto Funk track. Enjoy this one, it is for the wicked DJ and the hip crowd and try to listen to the track before you play it because after 6 minutes it just cuts of as if slashed by a razor blade.

"Cincinnati" is the deeper of the two tracks and more of a slacker... hanging out there on the stone stairs towards the street... in the sun, melting like butter, with snare sounds like old Human League records and soulful vocals that make it a hot cat of a track…What a hit this is!
Check that one out!

Release date: 30th September 2013

1. Crako

2. Cincinnati

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