MBF 12108 - Konstantin Yoodza - The Driver EP

Konstantin Yoodza’s career kicked off in 2001 since then he is one of the most promising producers in the Ukraine. He has released with Umek's 1605 Music Therapy and Format: B's label Formatik and many more and can truly be regarded as a top producer.
Konstantin Yoodza combines an energetic and funky groove programming with a bass heavy high quality production which have always been attractive parameters for MBF.
The release kicks off with "The Driver" a glamorous and eerie tech-house stormer. A track that generates lots and lots of energy... you easily can loose yourself in. It is a great track to dance to, due to the devilishly hooky bass line and the sophisticated sequenced tones. What a performance.

The second track "Revanche" extends the theme of the previous track with an amazing sound design, funky and ear catching leads, coupled with sophisticated arrangement nuances (featuring nice Detroit chords!) which makes "Revanche" a unique dance floor journey.

"The Leader" is the funkiest track of the EP which opens up with a monster of a slack funk theme that has you jumping vertically all through the track.

Keeping a perfect pace, this is a builder, heavy with bass, tripped out FX, crazy vocal treatments and plenty of trademark, teasing climaxes, but always keeping the cool! Surely another hit in the making! Please also check out the last track "Freedom".

Release date: 02. December 2013

1. The Driver

2. Revanche

3. The Leader

4. Freedom

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