MBF 12109 - Crowdkillers - A Bee Sees

We present here maybe the deepest Crowdkillers on MBF so far, but watch out massive baselines can do a lot of damage and not giving away too much can make you curious for more.

The EP starts with the "A Bee Sees" which is a well balanced and deep track almost MBF LTD like style.
A slacker of a track that worships a feeling studded with samples and short sound inputs. The track does not build up any tension but by magic keeps up a good groove, with nice percussion coming in! We say thats great!

"Keep It Secret" contains a lot more urgent sounds in the beginning like an old school track from Blake Baxter’s Mix records, if any one of you still knows that label. But in the course of the track it keeps pulling in elements you don’t necessarily associate with the feeling happening at that time but it manages to make it all function and it grows on you step by step until it is an irresistible piece of deep techno! All that is really modern and will work fine with an advanced crowd.

"Steez Trip" slowly builds up taking much more time as "Keep It Secret" and is less musical, makes less stunts but keeps a steady groove that steers directly at the dance floor.

"Clique" is more of a nasty baseline track in the beginning, pretty reduced to beat and little more. Occasionally dropping a chord and towards the middle the track opens up a bit and throws in some dark sounds. This could be a great after hour track, since it is really easy on you.

Release date: 30. December 2013

1. A Bee Sees

2. Keep It Secret

3. Steez trip

4. Clique

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