MBF 12110 - Alex Costa - Looky EP

Alex Costa has released on Intacto, Italo Business and Kaiserdisco’s label KD and many more so far. He belongs to that special Turin techno scene which has been one of the strongest in Italy next to the scene in Napoli and one that has always supported our music.

"Looky" is a classic MBF track with that strong movement in the baseline, drum rolls, a strong drive and tricky intermezzos. This is for the DJs and the people who go to parties to dance so be prepared this is not for the weak.

"Mistake" we think was no mistake to be included on this EP! It has some nice Chicago piano sequences tightly looped and dark brooding vocals to keep the dancer happy while the beat is as mighty and strong as we would expect it to be from a person like Alex Costa.

The last track "Semangka" is full speed ahead! There is no way back, no point of return with this hisurfing rocka.

Release date Beatport: 20. January 2014
Release date digital: 03. February 2014

1. Looky

2. Mistake

3. Semangka

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