MBF 12111 - Jakob Reiter - Ancient Rome EP

The first solo EP of Jakob Reiter.
Jakob Reiter is a home-brew of Cologne who has recorded for us on "Tour De Traum" before but his true passion is the clubby 4/4 bass techno house world.
"Maroon Romeantik" starts directly without any introduction and turns out just right... since Jakob has included a lot of personal sounds and arrangement details later in the course of the track.
And believe us the sounds are not from this world. A hybrid out of classical music, Detroit techno and melodic techno… you can find it all here. How Jakob keeps it all together and going we don’t know... a bit of magic is involved for sure. You just have to dance to "Maroon Romeantik" and throw up your hands in joy for the rest of they day.

The duo Crowdkillers from San Diego well known from their solo releases on MBF have done a stunning remix showing their interpretation of melodic techno house. One can say it is as personal as the original but takes a turn in a different way. The result is an exceptional mesmerizing and seductive piece of melodic groovy music not to be missed out on. This is a rocker on the mild side of things!

"Agentho's Galopp" is much more on the repetitive side looping atmospheric sounds being very innovative with the beat programming, tricky percussion acting as a juxtaposition to his reminiscent chords plus a very lively baseline make it a funky track to be played out.

The last track is a remix Jakob did for his Cologne pal Moritz Ochsenbauer. We include it here since it is a strong groover which we like so much since we heard it for the first time.

Release date Beatport: 17. March 2014
Release date digital: 31. March 2014

1. Jakob Reiter
    Maroon Romeantik

2. Jakob Reiter
    Maroon Romeantik
    (Crowdkillers Remix)

3. Jakob Reiter
    Agentho's Galopp

4. Moritz Ochsenbauer - Cruising
    (Jakob Reiter's „Doppelgänger“

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