MBF 12112 - Budai - Mad Dog

Budai or rather DJ Budai is a DJ with an impressive history. Being voted in Hungary as DJ of the year in 1997 he has constantly pushed the limits of mixing music and can be called a legend in the Hungarian house scene. In 2002 he released his first track. Budai breathes house music and is a total devotee. He likes the old school, the samples he draws from come from funk and soul and jazz... music he knows off by heart. His beefy production puts him regularly in venues such as Ministry of Sound.

Budai has recorded a 4 track EP for MBF beginning with the eccentric "Mad Dog" to the funky disco spiced "Black Shape" to the slick "Easy Night" which converts into a piece of fine classic techno culminating in "What For" a superb laid back tune that moves with the energy of a heavy diesel.

Budai gives MBF a classic touch and connects to artists such as the American duo EZDB and Tim le Funk.

Release date Beatport: 21. April 2014
Release date digital: 05. May 2014

1. Mad Dog

2. Black Shape

3. Easy Night

4. What For

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