MBF 12113 - Crowdkillers - Schizophrenic Love EP

The US duo has constantly been getting deeper with their music and incorporating more "native" sounds. With their newest EP they have been cocooning themselves by using sounds, vocals and instruments that describes a voyage in time. If you compare these tracks to their first EP on MBF that is a pretty good journey as well.

When you listen to "Let Me Go" you can hear the West Coast organ sound you know so well from The Doors and when you focus on "Mind Game" it is a cross over of house music, trance and garage… really hard to put in words... not hard to dance to at all.

"Stay With Me" is a moody swinging track that is fueled with cubby chords and sequences that make the feeling go on and on.

"On The Edge" is one of these tracks that go well with a good crowd and which you can play out when you want to make a smooth transitional move into another musical direction.

"All About You" is the toughest trax, still moody and filled with a lot of organ sounds and vocals. That could be a track to play out if the other trax are too intimate for you.

Release date Beatport: 19. May 2014
Release date digital: 02. June 2014

1. Let Me Go

2. Mind Game

3. Stay With Me

4. On The Edge

5. All About You

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