MBF 12114 - Clark Davis & Karlo Neuss - Death Valley EP

Clark Davis and Karlo Neuss two new faces from Hamburg who have recently entered the world of music recording for domestic label Ton liebt Klang deliver here two tracks for MBF.
“Death Valley” is a slacker, a slow and mighty groover that waits for its chance to throw you of balance and have you dance with a devilish smile on your face.
This is a groove monster in a minimalistic design. Beat and very little apart from that disco baseline that links it all together and make the track a cool piece of music.

"Rattlesnake" plays the same game, has you waiting in a loop before the small melodic digits are thrown at you and you keep ducking to the rhythm of the beat.
Another brilliant slow groover for the moments when you have to assemble the single pieces of yourself on the dance floor and to bring them together, resulting in your personal groove. Understatement meets violent dancing? It could well happen!

Release date Beatport: 16. June 2014
Release date digital: 30. June 2014

1. Death Valley

2. Rattlesnake

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