MBF Ltd 12008 - Mateo & Gantelmi meets Miss Anacor - Danseur

Mateo & Gantelmi are well known in France for their live appearances on many festivals. Their music is very artistic and beautiful. The Duo has a stronger band than Dancefloor approach.

Together with vocalist Miss Anacor they developed a rocking dance track especially for MBF.

The A Side track „Daseur“ is unique in the way the deep baseline and the sequencer grind through it providing the force a track needs for club play.

For the flipside Daso provided a Remix of Mateo & Gantelmis unreleased track „Guacamole“.

Daso has just released his first EP „Daybreak“ on MBF. With his interpretation of „Guacamole“ the young Musician reveals his talent for strong hypnotic cords.

Release date: 24th October 2005

A. Danseur

B. Guacamole
Daso Remix

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