MBF Ltd 12009 - Nerk & Dirk Leyers - Dizzy Monster

Here we have one of the oddest teams you can imagine.

Dirk Leyers one part of Closer Music on Kompakt and Nerk aka Benjam Weiss a member of Berlins Techno formation TOK TOK. Both bands have achieved cult status within the techno world.

We were surprise and honoured when our long time friends Dirk and Benjamin offered us the first fresh tracks the produced together.

Dizzy Monster is a freaked out power house 12“ with two tracks that have potential to rock the big floors.

The a. side is an hysteric, over the top funkerneer with screaming sequences ...cool sub-bass breaks and powerful drums that speak their own unique but universal language.

„Monster One“ as the title says, is an untameable techno-house track, which contains a bit of the feeling old Berlin techno used to transport. In the style of „Klang Der Familie“ the track is definitely a nightrider.

„Monster One“ has that special feel to it, is also quite disturbed in its way and leaves you with a bit of goose skin ...wow!

Release date: 27th January 2006

A. Dizz

B. Monster One