MBF Ltd 12011 - Markese - Oregano

The Swiss producer Markese had released two exceptional 12“s on Trapez ltd already when he came up with these deep house tracks, perfect for our house imprint MBF.
The A-Side track „Oregano“ is a tasteful blend of house and 80ies feeling.
Uplifting moments breaking through the melancholic prevailing mood as if the sun has managed to make it´s way through the stained glass windows of the warehouses, we grew up with.
„Oregano“ is a track that should never stop. „Keep breathing“ we scream and mean it!
„Dirty Bounce Mixmaster 30090“ is a floating Moroder like track, with an aesthetic epic feeling to it. It combines ups and downs in a wonderful way.

Release date: 20 March 2006

A. Oregano

B. Dirty Bounce Mixmaster 30090

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