MBF Ltd 12015 - Riley Reinhold - Lull

As it´s predecessor the follow up to "Lights In My Eyes" also works through hypnoticmoments!
With the a-side track "Klaus" the power of repetition meets the melodic peaks ofsynthesizers overpowering the techno structure... for a split second... reappearing later andassembling to a full melody.
A track like an ocean breeze, always there and never outside reach.
"Klaus" makes the connection to German music of the 70ies... has a slightly baroque feelto it... and comes in a technoid but sweet combination of tool and non-tool.
The flipside "Vlad" is more of an haunting experimental track, containing sounds of earlyGerman cinema, pioneer of the 60ies avant-garde film, based on wailing sounds, quite LSD induced and detached, drugged out, cosmic space music relying on Riley Reinholdadventures in to the past.
The Etiquette design was made by Jacqueline and Riley Reinhold.

Release date: 29 October 2007

A. Klaus

B. Vlad

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