MBF Ltd 12016 - Riley Reinhold - Sunset Sound

The year 2008 sees Triple R aka Riley Reinhold return with another eclectic release after hissuccessful solo 12" "Lights In My Eyes" and "Lull", as well as the "Lights In My Eyes" remixes record on MBF LTD.
"Sunset Sound" focuses on west coast tokens and the feeling of the psychedelic 70ies.
Other than "Lull" it builds on the heritage of the 70ies psychedelic movement.
The title track "Sunset Sound" involves pick up sounds and atmospheric noises from the US pop culture of the late 60ies and creates a drugged out feeling.
The track is embedded in a fat rolling dubbed out bassline and bassy kicks involving organ stabs and acoustic basslines, making it a rich atmospheric track, that breathes and changes dynamic throughout.
On the flipside "Elektra Boulevard" works with a similar feeling but is stripped down to the essentials, is even more hypnotic with huge claps and effects flying through the track likelizards do in summer.
Melodies sneak into the track, voices whisper... playing a psychedelic mind-boggling-game.

Release date: 11 February2008

A. Sunset Sound

B. Elektra Boulevard

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