MBF Ltd 12018 - Scott - Anytime

A new project and also a new style for MBF LTD. The MBF sub label made it´s start with Cosmic Sandwich´s records and trax co produced by Riley Reinhold and occasional outbreaks of specials releases like Noze´s song "Remember Love"... so now it´s is time for another surprise!
The electronic band called Scott consists of the Cologne House duo Jan Brauer and Daniel Brandt. Daniel is the drummer and Jan plays keyboards and sequencers, together they create a "live dynamic" which has fascinated clubs in Germany and Japan.
Their reputation has amounted to a tour in Japan and appearance at big festivals such as: Sonar, Fusion, Pop up and this years c/o Pop festival. Their appearances in smaller clubs and bars are done with a real drum kit, Fender Rhodes and synthesizers. Their improvisations are fuelled with short noises, funky beats and breaks which find their origin in black music and modern European sound design.
Their guest on this record are Sarah Roth-Profenius and Aroop Roy. Sarah´s vocals are on the two tracks "As long as I got you" and "Memory Core". Aroop Roy sings on "Anytime" and was involved in the composition and production of the track.
The a-side of the 3tracker "Anytime" is a great deep open air house track! The song is a tribute to life in general. It perfectly mirrors a hot summer day in the shade... sun ripped beats, cool Rhodes playing along accompanied by the brilliant voice of Aroop Roy. "Anytime" creates a room where the space-time continuum is overruled and time stands still.
"Just as long as I got you" starts as an instrumental track, adding few vocals by Sarah Roth-Profenius, then changing direction towards a straighter Chicago groove with 303 New Wave and John Foxx like synths. The b2 track "Memory Core" takes it down to the very cool essential drum beats, clad in a dark atmosphere and the whispering voice of Sarah Roth-Profenius.
The record will be released with two digital bonus tracks. French producer Le K aka Sylvain Garcia offspring of the legendary Circus Company label has transformed "Anytime" into a straight forward groove slammer with cut up voice samples.
The second digital track comes from Berlin artist Paul Frick. He has turned the original of "Memory Core" into a more stripped down house track with an emphasis on the vocals.

Release date: 29 September 2008

A. Anytime

B1. As long as I got you

B2. Memory Core

Digital 1. Anytime (Le K's remix)

Digital 2. Memory Core
(Paul Fick Girls Are Pretty Beer Is For Free rmx)