MBF Ltd 12021 - Riley Reinhold - Hollow Hills

There is a bit of a story to this track by Riley Reinhold.
Being a lover of cinema and film since he can think, “Hollow Hills” was inspired by the “Night of the following Day” with Marlon Brando.
The movie is a nice mixture of nouvelle vague and art movie and it was tickling Riley Reinhold to write a track that plays mainly in the dark, surrounded by the bunkers of the Atlantic wall and the dunes. The track tries to captures the darkness and the long narrow hallways under the earth, the spirits, the laughter of small children running around in this so surreal environment during their summer holidays.
“Hollow Hills” keeps the psychedelic side of Riley Reinhold's music up, which he has released since his first release on Disko B in 1995 (Red Flare EP).
Jittering voices, sounds that ricochet and basslines that come like little earthquakes.
The 11 minute epic “Hollow Hills” works similar to the waves at the beach, constantly featuring irregular shapes and never repeating itself.
  The track has been remixed by French artist Gohan, who lives in Paris and who has electrified the track with his vision of modern daring electronica, bordering on music the glorious Wishmountain did in the past.
  Finally domestic musical impact comes from the Cologne musician Oeler who has made a tougher and more elaborate percussive beat, the core element of his interpretation of “Hollow Hills”.

Release date: 03 April 2010

A. Hollow Hills

B1. Hollow Hills (Gohan Mix)

B2. Hollow Hills (Oeler Birdy mix)

Digital: Hollow Hills (Marcus Sur remix)

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