MBF Ltd 12022 - Riley Reinhold - Distortions

A new track by Riley Reinhold which is centred around cinematic footage of the American independent cinema of the late 60 and early 80ies.
More than that is is a plea for individualism using sampled sounds and the voice of Riley Reinhold. We are talking here about "Get A Splash" a bit of a weirdo track which has the elegance of London's early pop art days teaming up with with a techno house drive and experimentation in acoustics.
  A splendid remix comes from Alex Reuter who has already remixed „I Remember“ from Riley. Art Student and by nature a groove machine of excellence, Alex turns "Get A Splash" again into a hypnotic driving affair.
  Let us introduce Jules-de-Pearl our new discovery who will release his own 12" on MBF LTD in June.
His version of "Get A Splash" is a fantastic high spirited but deep melodic house track. Bassline driven with samples he has taken from the voice of Riley his remix develops into a sensual trax.
  The "Get A Splash" Salz remix is one of the highlights of this remix bundle and one of their best remixes up to date. For all fans please check this mix for gods sake it is wonderful!
  Finally the Tremsch & Metzler remix. The duo was formerly known as Doppelschicht and they have remixed Butch and Steve Lawler already. They have returned with their distinctive tight MBF sound to remix Riley Reinhold.

Release date: 31 May 2010

1. Get A Splash

2. Get A Splash (Alex Reuter remix)

3. Get A Splash (Jules-de-Pearl remix)

4. Get A Splash (Salz remix)

5. Get A Splash
(Tremsch & Metzler remix)

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