MBF Ltd 12023 - Jules-de-Pearl - Cáfe la Perla

This is something of a departure for our label, and one we’re very proud of.
We are happy to say Jules made these 4 outstanding tracks with a lot of soul and passion. A lot of influences have lead to the making of these tracks. His uncle has a recording studio near Frankfurt where Jules spend endless hours, before he started to play in a soul band at the age of 13! His career as a drummer lead to a final show in Berlin in the “Tempodrome club”  and there would be more to add, but let the music speak for itself...
Jules debut record is a steady rocking deep soulful piece of music. No stunts involved here but cool rhythmic patterns shape his a-side track. “Under a Spell“ takes up the feeling similar to that of Chicago legend Chez Damier. No stunts or cheap thrills are involved here but pure love for music.
Sure his attendance as a clubber of Frankfurt's club Robert Johnson has been a heavy influence on Jules and you can witness this in another way with the flipside track: “Café la Perla “ that he loves people such as Ricardo Villalobos. This track is a joyous celebration of a moody cool house track with lots of voices in the background shaping an atmosphere of euphoria, yet still exercised with a lot of understatement. When finally in the small break the voices rise to the surface to show their real nature, you know the track has that collective spirit a track needs to be played in clubs.
The digital add on track: “La Mistra” takes the idea of clubbing even more serious, putting a beat into action that has a hell of a drive... plunging into a break that lightens up the track with a wonderful warm string that carries a bit of Kraftwerks ”Trans Europa Express” feeling.
The 4th track “Jackson” is a pure DJ tool, which reveals itself when listened to loud in the club, a cool beat track.

Release date: 14 June 2010

A. Under A Spell

B. Cáfe la Perla

Digital 1: La Mistral

Digital 2: Jackson

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