MBF Ltd 12024 - Riley Reinhold - More Distortions

The new release of Riley Reinhold shows two sides of the coin.
“This Side Of Paradise” is a moody piece of music, like sugar in a hurricane. Different levels of energy are exchanged... with Riley's vocals being added.
It connects nicely to his track “I Remember” which he released on MBF LTD 12020 in March.
“Asphalt Heroes” is bit of a “live-played” track. It works a bit like a step sequenced beat track, kind of raw and bold.
Raw is the keyword. Riley wanted to throw everything over board and keep only the raw side of things. Acoustic bass, real drumming, using old synth sounds as Metro Area was highlighting with their early releases which Riley has always been a big fan of.
Compare this track to his early stuff under the name of “Torro” and you can see a similar feeling going through the track!
Riley has assembled his friends to remix his track.
First comes the Salz duo with their dub interpretation. A very cool stream of effects keep flowing. Listen to their other remixes on Trapez and Traum and you will discover their genius.
Pal from Essen, Alex Reuter has put his unique feeling for beats into his rework. Alex has played in different bands and uses his skills to add more funk.
Last but not least new MBF LTD artist Jules de Perl goes deep.

Release date: 12 July 2010

1. This Side Of Paradise

2. Ashphalt Here

3. This Side Of Paradise
(Salz „You-Jean Dub“ remix)

4. Ashphalt Heroes (Reuter remix)

5. This Side Of Paradise
(Jules-de-Pearl remix)

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