MBF Ltd 12025- Marcus Sur - If the Tiger eats the Lotus Flower

Marcus Sur releases his first record on the deep imprint of MBF: MBF LTD.
Recently home to Riley Reinhold productions, the label started years ago with Cosmic Sandwich productions, weird and disco induced, mutant discso and now is on its way to settle with deeper and soulful house.
Marcus Sur seems to be just the right choice at the right time.
Marcus has been a very active member of the lively Ruhrpott house scene for years. He released his ”Down With The Ship” 12“ on Trapez ltd and will contribute two tracks on to the next Highgrade Compilations before changing to MBF LTD. Marcus is a master of understatement and deepness, he refrains from cheap thrills and stunts and believes in the hypnotic value of house.
His a-side track “ If The Tiger Eats The Lotus Flower” is alternately seductive and its screeching banshee vocals invoke an immediacy that resonates instantly with listeners. This is true Sur style and shows he has his knowledge of keeping it low key. Somehow a cross over between the weird world of Sur and and his more classic deep house tracks... this could be the track for the more advance DJ searching for the unexpected and new. This is spiritual music and a key word for this release.
Switching to “What We Get Is A Smile” we are confronted with an uplifting dubby house beat that comes in waves... and is centred around a cool vocal referring to the title of the track. We like that track. “My Way” comes in two versions, one by Keno and one by Marcus himself. The Keno remix is more direct and accessible whereas the original by Marcus is deeper and for the gay moments of life.
Our friend from Cologne days Eric D. Clark has reworked “If The Tiger Eats The Lotus Flower” into a spiritual psychedelic voodoo glam house message.
This is not for the weak or for DJs who seeks for standards... Eric sticks out as an individual when he layers channels and has them cross fertilized. We are not sure where this track will lead us to...in the end the DJ will show us how to work that track.
A hitty and new school house remix of “What We Get Is A Smile “is delivered by the Berlin based Philip Bader. Philip uses samples of the original and adds external snippets of sounds to nicely clash and create a kind of dada funk we can easily relate to! This mix is for the people that need to be lead to the craziness on a direct way... a sure shot!

Release date: 29 November 2010

A1. If the Tiger eats the Lotus Flower

A2. What we get is a smile

B1. My Way (David Keno remix)

B2. My Way

Digital 1. If the Tiger eats the Lotus Flower
(Eric D. Clark remix)

Digital 2. What we get is a smile
(Phillipe Bader remix)

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