MBF Ltd 12026 - Reuter - Spiritkeepers Vol.1

Reuter has played in various bands, from Punk to alternative Hip Hop and he certainly has already released remixes on MBF LTD before.
He lives in the coal mining district of Oberhausen... home of eccentrics such as Schlingensief and Helge Schneider and he says: he is here to stay. He studies art and classifies himself as an abstract painter with a post modern attitude. Musically he connects influences from the past without totally disconnecting them from the roots. He likes to keep things simple and likes the technical limitations of the past. He would love to create timeless classics, but that is not up to him. With his solo debut, Reuter pays tribute to the “world of early house and jack”.
Starting with “Jack My Life”, this is a real stormer... it flies low level in full effect connecting the two worlds: the club and his spiritual contemplative side.
You can’t avoid seeing the classic references from Armando to Ron Hardy to... but the way he puts together all of this is new school. Keeping it raw and tough, he keeps the House music burning.
The follow up track “Backupinthismother”, focuses more on the spiritual side, finds its energy in what he calls “a quiet force”.
Recording artist and DJ... Nico living in the same district as him, has released on the sub label of Tiefschwarz “Souvenir music” called ”Souvenir plus” and “Slash” before.
She is known for her soulful vocals and unorthodox arrangement which she keeps up in her remix  of “Backupinthismother”.
Nico´s remix has it’s best moments when the string joins her vocals... creating an impressive explosive cocktail of modern house music.
Resident DJ in Essen's “Gold club” Marcus Sur has released already an EP on Trapez ltd and one on MBF LTD just a month ago.
We think Marcus remix is a phenomenal uplifting rework of “Backupinthismother” slightly crossing the border of what he stands for with his own releases.
Finally Reuter rounds up his EP with “Night Of The Lunar Rainbows”, as there are rainbows that are created at night by the moonlight, he rides the beams with a synth driven deep pumping hell of a house track. This might be the most musical of all of his tracks.
”Spiritkeeper“, expresses also the position that there is a lot in music which you cannot verbalise.

Release date: 27 December 2010

1. Jack My Life

2. Backupinthismother

3. Backupinthismother
(Nico's Shiny Blackness remix)

4. Backupinthismother
(Marcus Sur remix)

5. Night Of Lunar Rainbows

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