MBF Ltd 12028 - Riley Reinhold - Bubeshko Apartment 1A

The newest release of label owner Riley Reinhold, DJ, writer, Radio Jock and A&R will be released on MBF LTD in March following his releases on TRAPEZ, MBF and DFA.
“Me Control” sees various acoustic, synthetic and band like elements in a kind of live jam being brought together in a funky way.
The track has been transformed into a post Detroit piece of techno house with haunting vocal elements, keeping the slacker attitude you find in almost every track of his.
“Residence” is an 10 minute epic... a tight rhythmic track with jacking vocals, intense percussion loops and a constantly modulating bassline and obscure vocals that seems to say “what is stronger then love?” This is by far the most stripped track by Riley and maybe the straightest apart from his tracks with Emanuel Geller on his MBF album (“Beauty Needs No Wings”).
“Silly Putty” was produced together with Steve Barnes aka Cosmic Sandwich on the drum machine and Riley Reinhold playing the chords, vocals, synths and doing all overdubbing.
The track is a funky mutant disco hybrid connecting here to the work Cosmic Sandwich and Riley released on MBF LTD in the past. A true cosmic feeling in many ways.
  Our dear friend Reuter, who has his knowledge of Chicago house influencing all his recordings on MBF LTD, has laid his hands on "Me Control" and what can we say, has created a magic moment by doing it.
This remix is deep as hell and beautiful... and full of passion. When the track ends, you want to directly scroll back to beginning to see what you have missed:
This is a true masterpiece.

Release date: 30 March 2011

1. Me Control

2. Residence

3. Silly Putty
feat. Cosmic Sandwich

4. Me Control
(Reuter Remix)

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